Popular Artificial Grass Types

Popular Artificial Grass Types

Are you tired of dealing with the constant upkeep that live grass inevitably requires? Perhaps you’re frustrated that even with routine care, your lawn looks patchy, discolored, and generally unattractive? If so, synthetic grass may be the best choice for your DFW property!

At Superior Turf DFW, we install several types of artificial grass for residential and commercial property owners throughout the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area. We understand caring for live turfgrass can be remarkably challenging, and that’s why we offer a lower-maintenance, longer-lasting, and perpetually beautiful alternative.

With synthetic turf installed on your DFW lawn, you’ll enjoy a plethora of benefits you simply can’t get with live grass. These include:

  • Low maintenance lawn care. Synthetic grass requires just a small fraction of the maintenance that live turf needs.
  • Perpetual beauty. Regardless of the season, synthetic grass stays vibrantly green, lush, and gorgeous year-round. 
  • No more puddling and water drainage issues. The ground must be thoroughly leveled before synthetic turf installation, which helps minimize areas of standing water on your property. 
  • No more annoying pests. With no need for watering, a synthetic lawn can significantly decrease the population of annoying pests that live on your property. 
  • No more grass stains. Synthetic grass poses zero risk of staining, so your kids (or you!) can enjoy outdoor playtime without worrying about ruining your clothing. 
  • Eliminates the need for harsh pesticides and fertilizers. Artificial lawn products aren’t susceptible to turf diseases and they don’t require routine fertilization to thrive. 
  • No more patchy spots. High-traffic live lawns can easily develop unattractive, patchy, bare spots. Synthetic lawns are remarkably resilient, completely uniform, and hold up wonderfully despite significant foot traffic. 
  • Unmatched drought resistance. You never have to water synthetic grass, so no matter how dry it gets outside, your lawn will look and feel amazing.   

Polypropylene Artificial Turf

Introduced to the market in the 1970s, polypropylene synthetic turf has enjoyed a long history of use on many types of properties. As the least expensive artificial grass option on the market, polypropylene is an excellent choice for property owners looking to revamp their lawns on a budget. 

However, turf grass made from polypropylene is the least durable of all the artificial grass types. Given its susceptibility to visible wear and tear, this type of synthetic turf may not be an ideal choice for high-traffic lawns, play areas, sporting areas, and petscapes.  

Polypropylene turf grass can also be vulnerable to traffic- and heat-related matting, especially when temperatures climb into the 90s and triple digits as they often do during a DFW summer. This type of turf is often installed as decorative grass and in low-traffic areas to maximize its lifespan. 

Polyethylene Artificial Turf

Polyethylene synthetic grass is an excellent all-around turf grass that looks and feels remarkably natural and stands up quite well to foot traffic. While polyethylene artificial lawn products are pricier than their polypropylene counterparts, they also tend to have longer lifespans and deliver a more pleasing aesthetic. 

Polyethylene turf’s lifelike feel and durability make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including full-scale lawns, play areas, pool areas, and landscape edging. It’s the most commonly installed type of synthetic turf and is generally suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 

Nylon Artificial Turf

When serious durability and longevity are of the utmost importance, nylon synthetic grass is the only way to go. Texturally, it’s not as soft as other synthetic grass types, but that’s because the fibers must be more rigid to achieve maximum strength and durability. Nylon turf is also more expensive than its polypropylene and polyethylene counterparts, but it’s pricier for a reason. 

Nylon is approximately 30% stronger than other types of synthetic grass and can withstand considerable foot traffic and high temperatures without suffering deformation. It also delivers a beautiful aesthetic that’s difficult to distinguish from real, live grass. Considering its strength and longevity, this artificial turf type may actually be a more cost-effective choice than other types of turf, even with its higher upfront investment. 

First introduced in the 1960s, nylon artificial grass products have enjoyed a long history of use in high-traffic areas around the world. This turf type first rose to prominence when it became the first synthetic grass installed in the Houston Astrodome. Since then, nylon has been widely used in many commercial applications, including athletic fields, putting greens, and rooftop decks. It’s also well-suited to residential installations.  

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Whether you’re contemplating investing in a synthetic lawn, a pet run, a play area, a putting green, or artificial turf for athletics and sports, we do it all. To discuss your upcoming project or learn more about your synthetic grass options, feel free to give us a call today or contact us online, and we’ll be in touch.